To provide our clients with value added refrigerated and frozen distribution/warehouse services, that places an emphasis on top quality customer service.


CoolHouse Distribution Center is committed to maintaining a safe and sterile facility where product is handled following the highest safety and regulatory protocols. We have developed superior and progressive organization that clients can utilize as a responsible and reliable source to meet their international supply chain needs, which will serve as an essential and advantageous part of their business. Our objective is to create a quality work environment, with excellent compensation, and an environment that fosters personal development.



CoolHouse Distribution Center recognizes that all clients have different needs and requirements. Our objective is to facilitate the logistical and distribution process for our clients for perishable product coming in from Mexico, while assisting them in meeting each of their individual client prerequisites. The company structure was designed to be able to work with each client with the necessary flexibility to meet their logistical demands, while maintaining a controlled environment following all food safety guidelines.

CoolHouse utilizes systems focused on product traceability and following food safety guidelines. Product that is received and handled at CoolHouse is documented, verified, tracked following food safety procedures. Product is identified by the client’s individual product and/or pallet identification numbers and is inspected in order to confirm the product condition, including temperatures, packaging, etc. Product integrity is of the upmost importance, so that our client’s meet their client requirements and follow all regulatory mandates.

Our goal is to support our clients in successfully and efficiently fulfilling their client orders and request, which will contribute to the success and growth of their business.


CoolHouse was established in 2016 as a result of the increase level of perishables coming through the Port of Laredo from Mexico. The idea of offering a client specific, added value service is a philosophy the owners of CoolHouse have maintained throughout their combined 50 years of experience in the perishable industry. CoolHouse focuses on systems that offer flexibility, while at the same time, maintaining proper food handling procedures. The facility was built with a vision of handling perishable product with the utmost attention to quality and safety. A rise in federal food safety mandates and an increase in consumer expectations compelled CoolHouse to establish operations that facilitate the logistical responsibilities faced by perishable importers and distributors in today’s growing regulatory environment.


CoolHouse is a refrigerated distribution center with capabilities of handling fresh and frozen product. The facility is approximately 40,000 sq ft, including 10 dock door positions, a dock set at 34F, one refrigerated storage room (32F-70F), one frozen storage area (-10F), and a processing area. CoolHouse is equipped to handle all logistical needs, such as cross docks, order receiving, sorting, and shipping, but can also carry out client requirements for labeling, pallet creation according to order, product sorting, and product repackaging.